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Scholarship(s) Details

Scholarship Name:Dorothea Bilder Fine Arts Scholarship
Award:Not specified
Gender:Male only, Female only, Not Listed, Prefer Not to Indicate
Class Standing: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, Upper-Level Undergraduate, Graduate Student, Postgrad, Student At Large, New Freshman, New Transfer
Ethnicity: African American, Asian American, Caucasian, Latino/Hispanic, Native American, Other, Prefer Not to Indicate
Academic Area:Art
Other Interests: Northern Star, Athletics, Study Abroad, Scholarships for Students with Disabilities, Greek Life Scholarships, Student Involvement & Leadership Development, Childcare, Marching Band, LGBTQA, Gender & Sexuality, None, ROTC
Other Criteria:Undergraduate art major specializing in Printmaking. (When no recipient is found specializing in Printmaking, this scholarship may be awarded to a student in Illustration or Drawing

Minimum cum GPA of 3.0 including a minimum GPA of 3.5 in the completed courses in applicant's specialization

A portfolio of 10 to 20 pieces of original work produced in printmaking courses here in the School of Art

Applicants should include the names and addresses of three persons who are familiar with their work - at least 2 should be from the NIU School of Art.
Application URL:
Application Deadline(s):Not specified
Contact Information:School of Art
216 Art Building