Welcome to the Engage PLUS online application system!

EngagePLUS provides students with the opportunity to earn notations on their official transcripts for their hands-on learning experiences. To be considered for a transcript notation, students are required to submit an EngagePLUS Application, consisting of (1) a Proposal that is submitted before or early on in the experience and (2) a Reflection that is submitted upon completion of the experience.

Students can apply in one of six categories (listed below). The criteria for each category, as well as more information about EngagePLUS in general, can be found at www.niu.edu/plus/engage-plus.

  • Artistry
  • Career Related Work Experience
  • Experiential Learning
  • Leadership
  • Service-Learning
  • Undergraduate Research

Additionally, students can use hands-on learning experiences to satisfy the Human Diversity Requirement, possibly in conjunction with an EngagePLUS notation.

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